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The Meta API integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) empowers your developers, data analysts, and IT admin to connect applications and data quickly. 

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Why do we intervene in schools?

Meta API is an open API solution to accelerate code, authentication, deployment, and monitoring to let you focus on new features, not boilerplate code.

We are API experts, and we know that they are a means of growth for developers and by extension their companies.

APIs are part of the program of developers’ schools, and it is sometimes difficult for students to fully understand what is at stake or to concretely project themselves on the API topic.

This is why, as APIs experts, we intervene in schools to present the trends, use cases, and challenges of APIs to the developers.

Our goal

We know that developers like using dev tools like Github, NPM, or Visual Studio Code to save time or facilitate group projects.

The world of APIs is vast and there is a lot to learn in addition to other topics part of their school curricula. Our objective is to show them the advantages of a development tool that will allow them to save time on integrations between APIs. Our presentation can include technical elements but our aim is to give them concrete business applications and practical cases.

The idea is to interact with the students so they understand APIs is more and more essential for companies and therefore the tech world.

We also dedicate a part of our presentation to entrepreneurship. We want to tell them about our journey as a startup, share our tips and answer their questions so that they can, if they wish, embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship!

In which schools did we intervene?

We had the chance to intervene in 2 Tech schools in Paris and its suburbs. Between 30 to 40 students were able to participate in our 2-hour workshops.

School 42

Our first presentation took place at the end of November 2021 at School 42. We divided it into 2 parts.

The first one was a technical presentation on the world of APIs, a presentation of our history, our entrepreneurship journey, and our platform. The students were able to discuss all these subjects with the Meta API team.

The second part of the event took place in the computer room. We offered them to work on a practical case so they could explore the platform and get a glimpse of the potential of APIs integration.

Gustave Eiffel University

Our second intervention took place at Gustave Eiffel University. Our audience being more advanced, we adapted our presentation to be more technical and focused on the business side. The idea was to ground them for their final internship and future work-life.

We also told them the story of Meta API from the initial idea to how we developed our startup. They appreciated interacting on this topic as many students are considering launching their company and can be reluctant to go this path.

The students also had the opportunity to explore our platform. We prepared some Open Spells (pre-built integrations) they could duplicate and customize. The idea was to create Spells with apps they are familiar with to get a flavor of the usage they can make of Meta API. Whether they opted for the “Spotify” Spell or the “League of Legends” one, the Meta API team was there to walk them through it if necessary.

photo cours school Gustave Eiffel University


Why become a partner?

The above examples are an overview of what a School partnership looks like.

Not only can we intervene in Schools to share our expertise, discuss entrepreneurship, and work together on use cases, but we also discuss with teachers who are interested in using Meta API for their class projects.

As part of the partnership, we offer Students the equivalent of our “Basic” offer, so they can carry out both their group study and personal projects.

We believe that being able to freely access a dev tool will help them develop their skills and get ready for what’s next!

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