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How to optimize downtime management with Meta API?

Downtime management is a key element of user experience and therefore customer satisfaction for any company conducting online business. It applies whether you are a product or service company and is especially critical for SaaS tools.

Pennylane & Meta API Partnership

Meta API and Pennylane are very excited to announce they are collaborating!

API of the month: NewsCatcher

Keeping abreast of the evolution of a specific technology or the performance of your competitors and the evolution of the market is essential to...


Octopush is a solution that allows you to communicate with your audience through SMS, WhatsApp, or even voice SMS. This a great tool that can be...

Personalized Github Reminder for Slack (and Discord 😜)

As a tech team, we love when new features and bug fixes are shipped fast in production. For this, we want, as a member of this dev team, to be...

What do Meta API and LEGO bricks have in common?

You are a SaaS company providing client services to other companies?

User Onboarding - Polaris Recap

Over the last few weeks we have been redesigning the user journey within the Meta API platform by integrating new pages, features and rethinking...

Fest Days - API of the week

We'll start sharing with you the API of the week! It can be an API you would not have thought of for your business or one you could use for fun 😀

We turned Hubspot (complicated) API into a simpler and powerful API!

Since the launch of our platform in October 2020, we at Meta-API acquire more and more user and we need to manage them. HubSpot is now a key tool...

How APIs can ease your invoicing process?

As promised in my last article "What are APIs and why are they so powerful" I am sharing more concrete examples of how you can use APIs to grow...