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The Meta API integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) empowers your developers, data analysts, and IT admin to connect applications and data quickly. 

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Octopush & Meta API Partnership

Octopush and Meta API Logo

Octopush is a solution that allows you to communicate with your audience through SMS, WhatsApp, or even voice SMS. This a great tool that can be used by any business function of your company: sales, customer success, marketing, business operations... Indeed, Octopush platform allows your business to connect with your clients at any stage of their lifecycle whether it is to confirm their booking, inform them of a sale, remind them of an upcoming event or even collect feedback from them.

If you want to get the most out of Octopush, you can integrate it to your other applications to connect it with your E-commerce platform, synchronize it with your CRM or automate your communication workflows.

Octopush has some pre-made extensions that can be used but that won't always match to the applications you are using as each business has its specificity.

On the other side, building integration yourself is time-consuming and costly, and you don't always have the internal resources to develop, maintain and monitor them.

This is why Octopush and Meta API are collaborating.

Meta API allows customers who are using Octopush to build workflows that best fit their business needs with their favorite tools. It could be sending an SMS to confirm a successful payment, wishing happy birthdays to your loyal customers, or confirming a booking: the possibilities are endless, and always involve others tools that need to be connected: your payment solution, CRM, or reservation application.

The objective of Meta API is to save time on manual and repetitive tasks and to simplify your process. But not only! Indeed, it will also save time for your Tech teams that can focus on developing your core products instead of building, maintaining, and monitoring the integration.

To give you a more concrete example of what you can build with Meta API, we are sharing with you a use case of our mutual clients. The need was to automatically confirm a reservation using Octopush once a booking was made.

Octopush Schema

The API of Bookeo was taken as an example but you can think about using other API like Hubspot, Zoho, Paypal, or Google Calendar. As mentioned before, the possibilities are endless and you can build your custom integration with any applications you are using internally.

Already know what you want? Or need some help to work on your automation projects? Book a meeting here to get in touch with our team.

If you already are a master of JS / TS, you can directly sign up here to use our Open Spells (pre-made integration) or start building yours!


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