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The Meta API integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) empowers your developers, data analysts, and IT admin to connect applications and data quickly. 

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Which APIs were the most used on Meta API in 2021?

7 most popular APIs in 2021

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a door between 2 applications, allowing them to communicate and exchange data. No matter the programming language, the API is used to avoid the development of a new app, an easy and quick way for developers to connect to the app they need. Find more details about what are APIs, and why are they so powerful?

APIs are developing increasingly throughout all sectors and enable companies to innovate quickly and easily.

That is why Meta API offers a platform where you can configure advanced automation and quickly integrate applications and services responding to business needs.

Thanks to our solution, we have defined the 7 most used APIs on our platform, to help follow future trends or find the best API for your missions.


The 7 most popular API on our platform


1- Google Spreadsheet API

This is the tool to allow the bridge between human manipulation and data automation. It facilitates the process of collecting data and automating repetitive tasks to save time. One of our client’s use cases is to link Google Spreadsheet with Google Data Studio and a database.

Most used endpoints:

  • Get - Returns a range of values
  • Put - Sets values in a range

Discover all Endpoints.


2- Airtable API

It is the modern storage tool for people who wants to go further than Google Spreadsheet, perfect to create an intermediate database between several tools. Airtable organizes all you want, no matter where you are and with whom: this collaborative tool is so powerful!

Most used endpoints:

  • Get - List table records
  • Post - Create record

Discover all Endpoints.


3- Stripe API

It is the best platform to manage payments, the indispensable friend for all SaaS Start-Ups that need to automate their invoicing! Their mission is to help companies send an invoice, obtain funding, run a budget, get a bank card and fight against fraud.

Most used endpoints:

  • Get - Retrieves a 3D Secure object
  • Get - Retrieves the details of an account
  • Get - Returns a list of capabilities associated with the account

Discover all Endpoints.


4- Google Agenda API

It is the key tool to interact with your employee's events and push/get details of their upcoming meetings. It is free, practical, and easy to use! For yourself or with your team, Google Agenda allows a better organization to be more productive.

Most used endpoints:

  • Get - Returns metadata for a calendar
  • Get - Returns the rules in the access control list for the calendar

Discover all Endpoints.


5- Slack API

Developed for companies, this communication solution facilitates exchange between colleagues, offers different channels to have a better organization, and get the information you need.

Most used endpoints:

  • Get - Chat post message
  • Get - Allows an app to request additional scopes

Discover all Endpoints.


6- HubSpot CRM API

It is the tool to use to automate your commercial management and enrich your customer base through your data and third-party services. Develop your inbound strategy with HubSpot, increase visitors numbers on your website, convert these visitors into leads and start raising your revenue!

Most used endpoints:

  • Get - Create a batch of associations
  • Get - Retrieve all pipelines
  • Get - Associate two contacts

Discover the Endpoints.


7- Pennylane API

It is the all-in-one financial and accounting platform developed for managers and certified public accountants. The objective of Pennylane is to give leaders a complete and detailed overview of their finances to make the right decisions to manage their business.

Most used endpoints:

  • Get - List all invoices
  • Get - List of customers
  • Get - List of products

Discover all Endpoints.


What are the most frequent integrations used for these APIs?

At Meta API, we use the term Open Spell to talk about prebuild API integrations you can use as templates. Discover the most used integrations with the 7 most used APIs we introduced previously:

1- Google Spreadsheet & NewsCatcher

You can use this integration to get structured, relevant, and real-time data from published online articles based on the filters you need. And push them in Google Spreadsheet, so you can analyze these data and create your custom chart (e.g.: market and competition analysis; press release...)

2- Airtable & Pennylane

The idea of this integration is to sync all your invoices from Pennylane to better organize them, improve the view per supplier/client, and work on it directly into Airtable. Discover more about what you can integrate with Pennylane API.

3- Stripe & Quickbooks & Slack

Many companies use Stripe to manage payment by credit card, but they need to synchronize all generated invoices with their accounting platform.

Thanks to this Open Spell, you can automate the creation of invoices in Quickbooks from invoices generated in Stripe and be notified on your collaborative tool like Slack.

4- Slack & GitHub

Tracking your activity in GitHub is a priority for you? With this Open Spell, you will be able to have information about pull requests directly in Slack.

5- HubSpot & Slack

This Spell has been created by the Meta API team to solve new users’ onboarding synchronization with HubSpot.

The goal is to simplify HubSpot’s APIs into one simple API, solving conflicting and duplicated entries and ensuring by the end of the process that contacts, company, and deal are a unified API.

We have a blog post explaining in details how we’ve done it.


Discover our other integrations with other APIs

Another API that could be interesting for your activity is Octopush, a solution that allows you to communicate with your audience through SMS, WhatsApp, or even voice SMS. This is a great tool that can be used by any business function of your company: sales, customer success, marketing, business operations... With our platform, you can get the most out of Octopush, you can integrate it to your other applications to connect it with your E-commerce platform, synchronize it with your CRM or automate your communication workflows. Discover more about it.

We also have an Open Spell that can help enhance your internationalization by adding a currency converter on your website. This Spell is built connecting IPWhois and Exchanges Rates.

How it’s working? This Spell takes a price on input and the IP address of the visitor. It then gets the user's data and gets its currency. Right after, it gets current exchange rates to apply a transformation to the initial price and return all the information you need to please your visitor.

Finally, discover the Open Spell for fun to create versions of your Spotify playlists directly into your GitHub account. If your music is life for you, and you want to keep it safe, this one is made for you! 😀

You now know about the 7 most popular API used on our platform. We hope it gave you some ideas to optimize your workflows!

Already know what you want? Or need some help to work on your automation projects? Book a meeting here to get in touch with our team.

If you already are a master of JS / TS, you can directly sign up here to use our Open Spells (pre-made integration) or start building yours!

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