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User Onboarding - Polaris Recap

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Over the last few weeks we have been redesigning the user journey within the Meta API platform by integrating new pages, features and rethinking the interface and usage of certain parts of the platform.

Here is what we modify, let us know what do you think about it!

# General UI/UX review

The first point was to review the UI elements of the platform in their entirety to have a fluid and uniform navigation, as well as to stick to our charter.

Thus, the menu has been redesigned to be more readable and easier to access. Some features have been given their own pages:

- Spell keys
- Application authentication
- The customer account

The logs page has been redesigned to be simpler and more streamlined to better fit our standards.

All the pages have been redesigned to match our new graphic chart.

# A new onboarding page

When a person registers, he or she is asked to fill in a form to learn more about his or her usage and to propose content adapted to his or her needs. This information will also be used later to display Open Spells better targeted to the user.

Just after the form, the user is directed to the new onboarding page:

Meta API Onboarding Page

This page displays an introductory video of Meta API and offers the choice to start with 1 Spell among 3 differents:

  • Convert a price to a visitor’s currency ⭐️⭐️

  • Get the most popular TMDB movies on a Slack channel ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Put on a Chuck Norris Fact a la Yoda ⭐️

These Open Spells were chosen to be the easiest to pick up (combining simple and complicated Spells) and with no authentication to manage.

# A new homepage

In order to make the platform more accessible, a new homepage has been created.

Its objective is to make the navigation more fluid and to know the events of the last 48 hours on the use of the platform. It also includes a few steps to be taken thanks to an interactive tutorial.

This page also offers a quick access to the last Spells modified by the team.

Dashboard Home Page

# A detail page for Spells

Spells also have a dedicated detail view. This page allows you to consult, like the home page, the activity over the last 48 hours but for a specific Spell. By gathering information about calls made and Connector errors, this page displays information about the Spell’s progress.

Hubspot Spell

It also provides direct access to the versions of Spell and its production version which has had a complete overhaul. It is now possible to compare the code in development with those in production.

Spell Version

This view also allows access to the Spell settings (name, description, …) and to the Spell code.

# A redesign of the Spell code editor

The code editor has been given an interface overhaul to lighten the user experience and allow you to focus on what is important during development.

Spell Code Editor

The editor can now take up to 80% of the page in width, offering greater comfort during development.

The button ordering has been revised and the Spell response is now directly attached to the console, avoiding the user having to split their attention between two different modules.

The Payload information now has its own separate modal, so that the page is not overloaded with information that is not filled in for each test.

In the connector details, the display and use of variables in the code has been reviewed and improved. It is now possible to select a variable directly from the text field or to use the value as a string.

Variable selection

It is now possible to give a custom name to a Connector to make it easier to find in the Connector list.

Custom Name for a connector

# What’s next?

  • A redesign of the editor

  • A responsive design is under development

  • Users will be able to authenticate to OAuth Connectors more easily

  • Open Spells will have categories to display relevant Open Spells

  • A difficulty system on Open Spells to better inform the user

And many other things!!
We would love to have your feedback don’t hesitate to reach us at contact@meta-api.io!

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