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What are APIs and why are they so powerful?

If you heard your Tech Team mention APIs in a conversation where you got lost, then this article is made for you!

Startup : But what does the competition do?

Do you know that your idea is also a "good" idea? Or not yet? >here

1 min read

How to change our consumption habits with data 2/2

Home services, from product delivery to the once take-out, have exploded with COVID 19. At the same time, consumer attention is increasingly...

Create a free KPI tracking system in a few hours (thanks to APIs)

A story of data and tools

How to change our consumption habits with data 1/2

We also talk about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) impact.

Start-up: is your idea a 'good' idea?

An intuition that tickles you? A spontaneous illumination? A tip that helps you go faster?