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The Meta API integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) empowers your developers, data analysts, and IT admin to connect applications and data quickly. 

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Meet Lumo, the new low-code automation platform by Meta API!

lumo low code workflow automation

At Meta API, we just released our brand new low-code platform: Lumo. After 3 weeks of beta testing by our best users, we finally made it public on every account. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have to! But before, a few words about the story behind Lumo and our low-code transition.

Where do we start from?

Meta API was created three years ago. Originally, the concept of workflow automation should be used in a B2C dimension, to help you find the best places near you. However, fate (but above all, the pandemic) decided otherwise.

What was the main concept?

Meta API became a SaaS built on the Open API technology to connect all your services together (throughout our catalog of more than 500 APIs, and the fact that you can also add your own ones). Compared to other tools of the market, you can really go further in the complexity of your workflow, and customize it limitlessly with a JavaScript code editor.

Who was Meta API for?

Meta API can help anyone who needs to connect their applications and create a workflow with them, and also integrate apps to your own API. Whether you work in Operations (synchronization of daily tasks, automation of pull requests) Marketing (newsletter management, database automation), Sales (cold mailing synchronization, sales data aggregation), or Finance (invoice synchronization and generation). It is also a great tool for software builders.

There was only one problem: our platform could only be used with JavaScript, which was not the case for most of these people. Meta API was first aimed to developers, or at least people with strong javascript skills. We had to improve our tool to be simpler, and to open it to makers, marketers, sales… but not only developers anymore.


Lumo : and there was the light

An automation platform with blocks

article lumo before after

We wanted to turn all these lines of code into a way more intuitive tool. Finally, we divided the interface in two sides: on the left, blocks that we can add, and decide for each one which functionalities we would like to put in it, and then on the right the parameters of these functionalities. This version of Meta API is still ruled by JavaScript principles, but you are not flooded with hundreds of lines, and have a visual representation of your workflow.

The objective is to open Meta API to non-developer people and enable them to easily create automation.

Ok, but why Lumo?

giphy (2)

We hesitated a lot to name this new project or not. However, we couldn’t keep up with “You-Know-What” or “It That Must Not Be Named”. That’s why we chose Lumo: a low-code version of Meta API that brings light to your spell. It sounded right, and as you can guess, we are into wizard stories.

If you want to know more about the specificities of our low-code platform, I recommend you to read this article by Mathieu, our CEO.


What Lumo is not…


Is the low-code interface Lumo a competitor of Make and Zapier?

We already compared the Meta API code editor and Zapier in the past. But what about the low-code interface? It’s not better or less good than these tools. On the opposite way, It is going to be the missing link in your low-code tool stack. Meta API and Lumo will be able to be used as a universal connector, and even as an enhancer of the processing capabilities of these tools.

Lumo, the magical potion of Zapier and Make?

Finally, you can see Meta API as a magical potion (or a shot of proteins) to reveal the power of Zapier and Make. If you want to know how to do this, you should definitely watch this tutorial.


A Lifetime Deal to celebrate the release of our low-code platform

Three weeks of beta testing

We solicited our great Meta API community to test the first version of Lumo, and we thank them warmly for their numerous feedback that helped us improve the platform. We were glad to see the enthusiastic welcome for our new low-code platform. At the end of that, we decided to offer a lifetime deal!

You want to be aware of all the new features and vote for the APIs you want on the platform? Let’s check our Canny!

The November surprise: a Lifetime Deal from €249

If you haven’t heard the news, we launched two different plans:

With these LTD, you can access Meta API (both code editor and low-code platform) for life, instead of paying a monthly subscription.

If you want more information about these plans, click here. But don’t wait too long, these plans end the November 25th!

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