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How to change our consumption habits with data 2/2

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Home services, from product delivery to the once take-out, have exploded with COVID 19. At the same time, consumer attention is increasingly invested in the origin and environmental and sustainable quality of production.

How data is already changing our consumption habits

You may be familiar with the platform and its variations such as or which testify to consumers' commitment to products that are both more sustainable and better for our health.

Today, the data transmitted on our phones allows us to create insights about each product. This is the case with the Yuka app. With, you filter consumer goods directly in the store.
The product transparency offer is immediately accessible on a single interface of the app.

The IfixIt initiative also seemed to us to be part of the more responsible and economical consumer movement. Thanks to the API of this community platform, you can get out of the trap of programmed obsolescence. You will find a long list of repair tutorials (step-by-step guides and Device namespace pages) on manufactured products.

Aggregate data faster
At, we believe that transparency on our environment is achievable by connecting data from various sources on a single interface. The integration of this data is achieved through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that provide a whole set of data according to specific parameters.

For example, using you can quickly get on google Map the data on air quality (AQI: Air Quality Index) which are publicly available here:

In the same way, from the geographical origin of your food, you can identify the potential presence of phytosanitary products thanks to a governmental API such as IFT (Phytosanitary Treatment Frequency Indicator).

Other ideas came to mind while thinking about this topic.
Aren't we all concerned?

What API suggestions, or accessible data, do you use to better understand the quality of your purchases or measure the impact of your actions on the climate or the lives of producers?

Maybe this will be the occasion of other posts.

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