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How to change our consumption habits with data 1/2

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We also talk about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) impact.

"Positive Impact" is a trend that is gaining momentum, especially during Coronavirus crisis that is changing our consumption patterns, and focuses on 5 pillars:

-The adoption of the circular economy
-The rise of open collaboration
-The commitment of all employees on a common front
-Valuing efforts, without overdoing it
-Measuring and reporting ROI (return on investment) to measure the positive impact

One of the sectors of activity currently revolutionized by the positive impact concerns us all. It is the retail trade, from food to cosmetics or electronics.

In this regard, the new constraints imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have accentuated new trends in our consumption habits. Online sales and quick withdrawals (such as drives) have exploded during the last containment and seem to continue by changing people's perception of their consumption mode.

Some alternatives to the world before propose to the consumer to participate actively in the elaboration of products in a more sustainable and equitable way. This is the case of the initiative "The consumer brand", a leader in the short circuit market.

As an example, to help organizations make this transition to solidarity and responsibility, the ZEI digital platform offers to improve environmental and societal impact by identifying areas of progress on the points that may be lacking. Thus, your company or association can measure its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) impact and find avenues for progress.

Non-governmental initiatives also offer consumers information on the sustainable quality of their products. In the food sector, the platform and its variations on cosmetic products are doing a salutary job of bringing data to the consumer.

The data accessible on our most immediate media are at the heart of the transformation of the sustainable consumption model. Thanks to APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), the digital world can now provide transparency that was previously unavailable to the consumer.
How to change our consumption habits with data - Photo by Bailey Kovac on Unsplash But how can we, as suppliers, customers or simple organizations, amplify this beneficial process for the planet, for our health and for each of us?

In the second part, we will suggest ways to measure and evaluate the quality of products and their ecological and sustainable impact, thanks to multi-channel digital protocols.

So see you soon?
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