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How APIs can ease your invoicing process?

Quickbooks and Stripe integration

As promised in my last article "What are APIs and why are they so powerful" I am sharing more concrete examples of how you can use APIs to grow your business!

Let's start with accounting which we tend to forget although it is an important part of your business! Indeed not only accounting is key to ensure you are getting paid by your customers, but it can also be used to follow your sales team's targets.

The invoicing process differs from one company to another, and if some are equipped to master this procedure, some of you may still be struggling to avoid repetitive tasks and mistakes that are time-consuming!

So let's see how you can ease this process and be more efficient!

Depending on your company, the accounting procedure involves different software managing different tasks that are being handled manually by the teams. Here are some that might ring a bell to you:

  • Quickbooks, Sage, Odoo, Azopio, Sellsy, or Netsuit are softwares used to bill, manage debt collection, send reminders,...

  • CentralPay, Stripe, Gocardless, or Paypal are payment processing applications.

There are some data from your payment processing software that you need to flow in your invoicing tool. Either you do it manually by extracting the data you need (but you don't want that!), or you use the application connector made available to you. The issue is that these connectors are not always allowing you to get the data you need or implement the action you want.

APIs appear to be the best solution to make these applications communicate with each other, but integrating and maintaining them is time-consuming when your Tech team could be focusing on your core business.

If you are using Stripe and Quickbooks you might have faced this issue as the Stripe's connector in Quickbooks doesn't allow synchronizing invoices. To avoid managing a high volume of invoices manually here is an example of a customized integration you could use and replicate:

Payment integration with Meta API

There are many more scenarios you can think of integrating based on your specific need. Tell us more about the challenges you are facing, and let's discuss how Meta API can help you!

If you want to get more technical:

If you want to know more about Meta-API: Let's get in touch!

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